New iPad and iPod Touch references found in iOS 12.2 developer beta code

iPad Mini

iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith), a frequent source of Apple-related rumours, has uncovered references to four new iPad models and a new iPod touch in iOS 12.2’s developer beta code.

The developer model numbers range from ‘iPad 11,1’ to ‘iPad 11,4,’ with two of the numbers mentioning Wi-Fi and the other two being cellular specific. Troughton-Smith says that the model numbers likely refer to Apple’s often-rumoured iPad Mini 5 and a new iPad that features a 9.7-inch display.

Troughton-Smith then goes on to state that if iOS 12.2’s developer beat code is an accurate indication, these new iPad models won’t feature Face ID. As a result of this design decision, they’ll likely be positioned in Apple’s lineup as lower-end, entry-level devices.

The developer also uncovered code related to a device called the ‘iPod 9,1’ that doesn’t match up with current iPod Touch model numbers. This new iPod Touch also doesn’t feature Face ID or Touch ID, says Troughton-Smith.

It’s likely that this device is the 7th-generation iPod Touch that has been the source of speculation in the past.

Rumours have been swirling for the last few weeks that Apple could have plans to hold a keynote in March where the company will reveal its video streaming service, the AirPower, its AirPods 2 and more.

Source: @stroughtonsmith (Steve Troughton-Smith) Via: MacRumors