DC’s ‘Titans’ will premiere on Netflix Canada in January

Titans Robin

Netflix Canada has announced that DC’s live-action Titans series will launch on the streaming service on January 11th, 2019.

Titans, which is based on popular Teen Titans team of young comic book superheroes, is currently exclusive to Warner Bros.’ U.S.-only DC Universe streaming service. DC Universe launched in September and premiered Titans the following month. It’s worth noting that Titans filmed in Toronto earlier this year.was

Warner Bros. has been rolling out one new episode of Titans to DC Universe each week since October, although all 12 episodes of the series’ first season will debut simultaneously on Netflix Canada in January.

While Warner Bros. says it plans to eventually bring DC Universe to other countries, Canada included, the company has given Netflix exclusive international streaming rights to Titans in the interim.

The second season of Titans, as well as a Doom Patrol spin-off, are also set to come to DC Universe at some point, although it’s currently unclear if Netflix will stream these internationally as well.