PUBG is coming to PlayStation 4 on December 7th


The PUBG Corporation, the developer behind PUBG, has announced that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is coming to the PlayStation 4 on December 7th.

PUBG making its way to Sony’s console marks the end of the game’s exclusivity to Microsoft’s Xbox One console, which came in at just under a year.

Just like with the Xbox version of the game, PUBG for the PS4 is getting both a digital and a physical release.

Exclusive skins, including the Uncharted franchise’s Nathan Drake and Ellie’s backpack from The Last of Us, are coming to the game as well.

PUBG on the PlayStation 4 is set to feature HDR support, though it’s unclear if this version of the game will be rendered in 4K. The PS4 version of the game includes three maps: Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok.

The base level Looter’s Edition of PUBG is priced at $39 CAD, while the Survivor’s Edition, on the other hand, which includes a Vikendi Event Pass, 2,300 G-Coins, 20,000 BP and pre-order PlayStation-exclusive skins, is priced at $66.39.

Ellie backpack PUBG

Microsoft recently added PUBG to its $11.99 a month Xbox One Game Pass subscription service.

Finally, the Champion’s Edition, which includes the Vikendi Event Pass, 6,000 G-Coins, 20,000 BP and pre-order PlayStation-exclusive skins, costs $79.10.