Google Contacts update has visual tweak, option to clear interaction data

The side menu is whiter and bigger than before

Google Contacts header

Google Contacts received another small update over the weekend that completes the visual refresh of the app.

The last update, version 3.0, brought Google’s Material Design to the app. Now, version 3.13 adds a final tweak to the side menu.

Previously, the side menu had a background image behind your account at the top of the menu. However, that background image is gone in the new version (right).

Google Contacts old vs. new

Instead, there is white space behind your account. Everything in the menu is pushed up as well, filling the space.

The spacing also appears different, with the new menu covering more of the screen.

Along with the slight visual change, Contacts 3.13 brings a new feature. Users can now clear the interaction data in the app.

In other words, the app stores information about when and how you contact people. For example, when you view a contact, there is a section labelled ‘Recents’ that lists recent messages and phone calls you’ve had with that contact.

While you can now delete this interaction data, Google warns doing so may reset contact suggestions in apps, such as Photo’s recommending you share something with a contact you talk to frequently.

Furthermore, Google notes that deleting interaction data doesn’t wipe call history, contacts, texts or emails.

As always, you can download the update through the Play Store when it goes live for you. Alternatively, you can download it from a third-party website if you know what you’re doing.

Source: XDA Developers