Toyota is reportedly going to begin supporting Android Auto

Nine months after it began supporting CarPlay the automaker is looking at Android Auto

Toyota steering wheel controls

Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota has been notably stubborn when it comes to adding Android Auto to its vehicles, but now it seems like the feature is finally on the way.

Bloomberg reports that someone close to the project has confirmed that Toyota plans to add Android Auto to its vehicles.

The company currently has five car models on the market that feature Apple’s CarPlay platform: the 2019 Avalon, Camry, C-HR, Corolla and Sienna.

Instead, Android Auto drivers used SmartDeviceLink, a technology developed by Ford that runs Android and iOS through its proprietary system.

There’s no word on if it’s just the same two cars that are getting CarPlay or if it will only start appearing in the next vehicles the manufacturer announces.

Partnering with Toyota is a significant move for Google since the tech giant finally gets to use its software inside the third-largest automaker’s vehicles. Adding this on top of the deal the search giant made with the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, Android Auto is set to be in all three of the largest automotive manufacturers’ vehicles.

It’s unclear if the Toyota agreement will be similar to the deal with the Alliance. It seems unlikely that Toyota would want to give up control of the technology that runs its head-units since it has stood so strongly by it for years. It’s more on-brand for Toyota to use the regular phone compatibility mode where users run their phone from their car’s screen.

Google has been making a lot of moves in the automotive sector recently, and if it’s actually getting on Toyota’s good side, this could be a tremendous win for the company.

Source: Bloomberg