Here’s how much Apple’s products from last year are worth today

Last year's iPhone X is still worth a good chunk of change, the iPhone 8, on the other hand, is not

Apple’s trade-in program has updated with new information regarding how much users can trade-in their old Apple products for now that the iPhone XS is out.

This is an excellent way to see how much money your phone or watch is worth, and if you want a new iPhone, this could be one of the cheapest ways to get one. It’s worth noting that the value attached to these phones is in Apple Store credit, not real Canadian dollars.

Users can get a staggering $690 CAD if they trade in a top of the line iPhone X from 2017. Curiously, both the 64 GB and the 256 GB models trade in for the same price.

Both versions of the iPhone 8 can be traded in for $455 CAD, and the 8 Plus variants can net users $525 worth of Apple store credit.

The Series 3 Apple Watch is also worth a pretty penny. The Aluminium Series 3 with GPS is worth $225. The stainless steel model with cellular connectivity is worth a little more coming in at $325 worth of store credit.

Remember that all of these prices are based on the devices working optimally. Depending on the wear and tear on the phone or watch it may be worth a lot less when what it says online.

To check out how much your device is worth visit Apple’s GiveBack webpage here.

Source: Apple