Tesla’s sought-after wireless phone charger is returning to its online store

It's a Tesla lifestyle product, not a car accessory

The Tesla-branded wireless charger the electric car manufacturer sold briefly at the end of August will soon be in stock again.

The company has a history of selling weird lifestyle products, but the portable wireless charger was one of its online store hits. It sold out quickly, even with its $65 USD (roughly, $85 CAD) price tag. Now, anyone who missed out has another opportunity to buy the portable battery.

Tesla has started sending out emails to its customers informing them that the charger is coming back to the online store for the reduced price of $49 USD (roughly, $65 CAD) . The company says it can “lower the cost by producing higher quantities,” so hopefully this time it won’t sell out as quickly.

The battery is a 6,000 mAh unit that comes in white and black. It’s not the largest size, but it’s relatively small and offers 5W of output for wireless charging, and a wired charging option. It’s arguably less useful for actual Tesla owners than the Nomad wireless charger, but it looks cool regardless.

The email also details how customers who have already bought the charger are getting a $16 USD (roughly, $21 CAD) refund since the price of the unit is lower now.

The company has yet to start offering the chargers on its website, but since the emails are being sent out, it seems likely that they’ll get listed soon.

The chargers aren’t listed in Tesla’s Canadian or American online stores, but MobileSyrup has reached out to the company for clarification on when or if it’s coming to Canada.

Source: The Verge