Google Maps is testing a way to search for locations while still using navigation

Some users might already have a version of this, but others are missing out

Google Maps

Google is testing out a new Maps feature called ‘Current Trip’ that saves the current route that a user’s traveling, while still allowing them to look up other locations.

One of Google Maps’ most annoying quirks is the ability to either use it as a GPS or a map, but not both. This update looks to solve that problem by running a set of directions while still working as a map.

The new change creates a blue bar at the top of the screen that anchors there if a user moves away from their route directions. Additionally, the company has added a small icon of a walking person to the notification bar. Users can pull down this notification to go back to their current route.

A screenshot of the ‘Current Trip’ test alongside a screenshot of the notification route on my P20.

I’m using a P20 Pro as my primary phone right now and I’m able to get maps to search for alternative routes or different locations while maintaining my current trip, but I don’t have the blue bar along the top of my screen. The only way to resume my trip is using the notification.

Starting directions in Google Maps on iOS though currently locks users to their direction page. The only way to search for something is to either search along the route or cancel it.

Android Police claims that Android users are locked into their route, but in my tests, the only thing missing from the Android version of Maps is the blue ‘Current Trip’ bar.

Image credit: Android Police

Source: Android Police