Apple is starting to Promote iOS 12 with new ‘Tips’ notifications

Apple is starting to build hype for iOS 12

The release of iOS 12 is right around the corner and Apple’s starting to get users ready for the update with a new batch of ‘Tips.’

The next version of iOS is expected to come out around September 12th when Apple reveals its latest version of the iPhone. It would be interesting for Apple to drop the update right on the 12th since this is iOS 12 after all.

Tips is an app that teaches users useful information about the latest version of iOS. The app’s icon is a yellow lightbulb, and it’s one of Apple’s default apps.

Users currently running iOS 11 have started to receive notifications regarding what the upcoming new version of Apple’s operating system is capable of doing.

Tip notifications vary by user, location and type of device, but they’re all related to iOS 12. This is a subtle form of advertising that the company has used in the past. Last year around this time Apple utilized the same strategy to promote iOS 11.

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Source: 9to5Mac