Users are reporting redesigned Chrome 69 is full of issues

Here are 10 Chrome issues for Chrome's 10th anniversary

Google Chrome

It appears Google’s Chrome team may have designed some new problems.

The popular web browser’s recent update and redesign reportedly caused issues for several users.

Scrolling through Google’s Chrome help forum reveals a number of problems. Some users report that websites display with incorrect brightness settings. Others report issues of Chrome 69 failing to render text.

Some reports cite issues with Google Cloud Print and autofill. Notification blocking doesn’t work. Touch-screen scrolling is laggy. There are sync issues, problems logging in, crashes, freezes and more.

While many of these issues exist on Android too, the volume of complaints from Android users indicates the issues aren’t as severe.

One notable complaint from Android users is about the new design. Users are clamouring for a dark mode. Some are even browsing entirely in incognito mode just to get a pseudo-dark mode.

Possible solutions

If you’re a Chrome user experiencing these issues, there are a couple of temporary solutions you can try. For one, you can revert back to a previous version of the browser.

On Android, this is as simple as uninstalling the app and installing an older APK file. On a desktop, it’s a bit more complicated.

This handy guide shows you how to do it. Essentially, you have to uninstall Chrome and then find an old installer on the web.

The issue with both of these solutions is that you’ll lose your bookmarks unless they’re saved to the cloud. Additionally, installing an old version of Chrome from another website could potentially be risky.

Alternatively, you could try another browser entirely. If you need Chrome, the beta version is still fairly stable and may fix your issues.

Firefox is also quite good since the Quantum update. Mozilla dropped some improvements the other day as well.

Hopefully, Google releases a bug fix soon.

Source: Digital Trends