Twitter is considering making it easier to detect bot accounts

Marking bots would make it easier to recognize them

At a U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shared some insights into how Twitter is trying to fight its fake user problem.

At the hearing, vice chairman Mark Warner asked if users should have a right to know if the account they’re interacting with is a bot or not. For the most part, Dorsey agreed. He claimed that “more context” around tweets and accounts is useful, according to TechCrunch

While this idea is nice in theory, Dorsey stated that it’s not as easy as it seems since detecting bots isn’t a simple task.

“It’s an idea that we have been considering over the past few months,” he added. “It’s really a question of the implementation — but we are interested in it. And we are going to do something along those lines,”  said Dorsey during the hearing, as reported by TechCrunch.

The CEO later stated that Twitter has had success in identifying inauthentic activity by using deep learning and machine learning. These two forms of tech focus on identifying behaviour patterns to determine if an account is real or fake.

In May Twitter was able to identify 9.9 million potential span accounts per week using these new techniques.

Source: TechCrunch