Google adds thousands of more paintings to its Art Selfie feature

There is now more than double the amount of painting to match with

Google had a bit of a viral moment back at the beginning of the year with its ‘Art Selfie‘ feature that let people find their art doppelgängers.

Now the company is back at it again with a revamped version of the Arts and Culture app. Google claims that it has more than doubled the amount of art that users can match against.

Computer vision and machine learning power the ‘Art Selfie’ feature. When the user takes a selfie the app’s algorithms work to compare the their facial features with its database of portraits.

Not only is this app pretty fun, it even took one user on a walk down memory lane when she matched with a picture of her great-grandmother that was painted by her great-grandfather.

Google and its museum partners are continually trying to get more people to interact and discover art. The company even has plans to integrate ‘Art Selfie’ with Google Lens in the future.

You can download the Arts & Culture app on iOS and Android.

Source: Google