Dolby Vision HDR support for video is coming to the Xbox One S and Xbox One X

Xbox One

Although Microsoft’s Xbox One S and Xbox One X already support HDR10, neither game console has featured Dolby Vision high-dynamic range until now.

The feature is currently available to Xbox Insiders that are part of the program’s Alpha and Alpha Ahead rings across both consoles, but will eventually receive a wider rollout in the next few weeks. As is the case with most devices that include high-dynamic range, support is limited right now, with only Netflix offering Dolby Vision on some content with console.

While Dolby Vision is similar to HDR10 in some ways, the technology features 12-bit colour support, allowing for additional lighting and contrast. In comparison, HDR10 only supports 10-bit colour.

Think of Dolby Vision as an upgraded, slightly improved version of HDR10 high-dynamic range. HDR10 support has increased significantly with most recent television manufacturers over the last few months mainly because it adopts an open standard, with Dolby charging a licensing fee to manufacturers in order to use its higher-quality technology.

That said, support for HDR10+, a competing open high-dynamic range format that also features 12-bit colour, has recently been on the rise, too.

It’s currently unknown if the Xbox One S and X will also be capable of supporting Dolby Vision-ready 4K Blue-ray discs.

To be clear, only the Xbox One X supports HDR10 when it comes to gaming, while the Xbox One S features HDR10 support just for video content.

In order to enable the feature, you first need to be part of Microsoft’s Xbox Insider Program and a member of either the Alpha or Alpha Ahead ring. Next, navigate to ‘Settings,’ ‘Display and Sound,’ ‘Video Output,’ ‘Video Modes,’ and finally, select ‘Allow Dolby Vision.’ Of course, you also need a Dolby Vision compatible television, so before you go through all the above steps, doublecheck that your television supports the high-dynamic range format.

Microsoft’s first-generation Xbox One doesn’t support HDR10 or Dolby Vision. Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro only supports HDR10 and does not work with Dolby Vision.

Source: Xbox