Netflix is trying to distance itself from the term ‘binge-watching’

The company was once the champion of binge-watching, now it's shying away from the term

Netflix is attempting to scrub the somewhat negative term ‘binge-watching’ from its public image.

The platform has been synonymous with the act of binge-watching for years. Some people might even say that the streaming giant helped define the term. However, it seems like the negative associations with sitting on the couch for hours on end and endlessly watching TV have caused the company to change its tune.

Guy Pearce said on the Empire Film Podcast that Netflix has recently banned him from using the term “binge-watching” while promoting his new series The Innøcents. 

When asked if the show was binge-worthy, he said he doesn’t “think Netflix likes the term binge.” He later added that the cast was briefed before their press tour to shy away from the phrase.

A Twitter search conducted by Engadget shows that the company has even reduced its use of the word online. It still uses binge sometimes, but not as much as it used to.

It definitely seems as if Netflix doesn’t like the term, but why remains a bit of a mystery. Is it because of health concerns over watching too much TV or because of the negative stigma? Either way, the company is trying to clean up its public image while still trying to get users to watch more Netflix Original content, which is noticeably inconsistent.

Source: IndiWire Via: Engadget