Sony has finally updated the PlayStation 4’s clunky search bar

PS4 Pro with controller

Sony is finally rolling out an updated search bar option to the PlayStation 4.

Over the past week, some PS4 owners have reported that the digital PlayStation Store now features a QWERTY-style search option, allowing users to type in exactly which product they’re looking for.

Since the PS4 launched in November 2013, users have been puzzled by the PlayStation Store’s less-than-intuitive search bar.

Rather than let you use an on-screen keyboard to input specific letters, the PlayStation Store would instead require you to scroll down an alphabetical column to search letter by letter.

For example, when searching for this year’s God of War, you would have to scroll down to ‘G,’ which brings up all content beginning with ‘G.’

Next, you’d have to scroll down to ‘O,’ see all content starting with the letters ‘G’ and ‘O,’ then scroll back up to ‘D’ to see all results with ‘GOD,’ and so on and so forth. Eventually, you would see a suggestion for God of War appear, but it was far more time-consuming to find the game this way than if you could simply type in those three words yourself.

This image, taken from Gearbox forum poster JoeKGBX, shows what searches on the PlayStation Store looked like when each letter had to be selected individually.

Battleborn search

This process made it particularly difficult when searching for downloadable content for a specific game, especially if there are many packs available.

As per ResetEra forum poster ‘TheEnd,’ here’s an example of what searching for one particular add-on to the Ubisoft Montreal-developed Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege might have looked like.

PSN search

Now, you can search for your desired content on the PlayStation Store in a much more traditional and simplified manner.

Below is an image of the new search bar when looking for Bioware Edmonton’s Anthem game, courtesy of ResetEra user Fyoufu.

PlayStation 4 search

Sony has also updated PlayStation Store functionality to include the ability to search for content by genre, studio or publisher.

While these improved search options were expected to be part of the PS4’s upcoming 6.0 firmware update, according to ongoing beta tests, they seem to have rolled out earlier for some public users.

It’s currently unclear when the 6.0 firmware update will arrive or what changes it may bring.

Via: IGN