Relive your glory days with this Windows 95 application

Use Windows 95 on macOS, Linux and Windows 10

Windows 95 application

If you long for the days of pogs, the Macarena and when Amazon just sold books, this app will bring you back.

The tiny 129MB application contains Windows 95. It’s complete with apps like Wordpad, phone dialer, MS Paint and Minesweeper.

Amazingly, it isn’t too intensive on computer resources either. When running, Windows 95 only uses about 200MB of RAM and it hovered around 25 percent CPU usage.

While most things work fairly well, unfortunately not everything does. Internet Explorer, for example, refuses to load web pages.

Slack developer Felix Rieseberg turned the venerable OS into an application. He put the project on Github complete with installers so you put it on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Overall, it’s a pretty impressive app from Rieseberg. However, he’s not the only enterprising developer out there.

Windows 95 has become a testbed of sorts. People try to put it on everything, from Apple Watches to Xbox Ones. Someone even installed Windows 95 on a Nintendo 3DS.

If you want to revisit the golden age of Windows yourself — or try it for the first time — you can download the app from Github.

Source: The Verge