The new, more personalized Google Maps is now widely rolling out on Android

The app is now a foodie's delight

Google Maps on Android

The newly revamped and more user-customized Google Maps is now rolling out more broadly to Android users, after first hitting the user base earlier this month.

As announced at I/O 2018, Google Maps is getting a full revamp with the strong focus being customized suggestions — and it’s more fun than ever for foodies.

Upon opening the app, you’ll see it launches with the new ‘Explore’ tab popped up on the lower half of the screen (which you can swipe away, should you choose).

The Explore Tab is focused on the neighbourhood at hand, with colourful buttons that users can click for suggestions regarding restaurants, coffee and attractions, plus a ‘More’ button that contains options that range from takeaway to the gym.

Underneath the buttons, if one swipes up on the Explore card, there are some other inviting elements, like a horizontal scrolling bar of suggestions for specific types of outing — like a list of bars ‘Where the locals drink’ or a list of ‘Cheap drinks’ spots (all well-rated on Google, naturally). Below, there’s ‘The Foodie List,’ which has a top list of restaurants for food lovers “based on visits and the latest ratings.”

The list is updated weekly, and allows you the option to follow or share, plus a bar that tracks how many of the locations you’ve gone to, for those who are competitive in nature.

Then there’s the new ‘For You’ tab, which shows a Google News-type feed divided up by day and dedicated to places to go in your city or community. For instance, I received a list of the 13 best brunch restaurants in Toronto from Time Out, and a notification that a new restaurant opened and is getting good reviews.

Each restaurant also has a new ‘Your match’ score, to show how much Google thinks you’d like it based on your preferences and prior ratings —  so you may have to rate some of the places you’ve been before you see your match score (a win for Google).

All of this is not to mention Google Maps’ new use of the Material Theme, which gives it a friendlier, more modern look.

For those who don’t see the new Google Maps yet — make sure you’ve updated to version 9.80.2 in the Play Store.