Essential Phone reaches end-of-life status at Telus

Essential Phone

Less than a year after it brought Andy Rubin’s first smartphone to Canada, Telus has confirmed it is no longer replenishing stock of the device, placing it in end-of-life status.

The carrier was the first to sell the Essential Phone in Canada when it brought it here last September. However, a lacklustre camera, buggy software and high price tag led to poor sales.

Since then, the Essential Phone has became a popular choice among Android fans looking for a premium phone at a reasonable price after Telus dropped the price of the device first to $650, then to $460.

The PH-1 is still available through Telus’ website for now. It’s also available via the carrier’s Koodo flanker brand, where it’s priced at $0 on a two-year Tab Medium plan or $460 outright.

Moreover, with Essential opening up online sales to Canadian customers last week, the phone is also available directly from the company — though with shipping and duties included, buying from Essential is a significantly more expensive than going to Koodo.

The phone is also available through Amazon.ca, where Canadian consumers can buy it in the e-commerce giant’s exclusive ‘Halo Gray’ colour.