Nintendo is making an online version of its Mii Maker

It looks like Nintendo is keeping Miis around for a little while longer


Nintendo’s mobile social networking platform Miitomo is shutting down. In an effort to appease fans of the app, the Japanese gaming giant is launching Mii Maker online.

Mitomo players received an in-game notice on April 30th stating the following:

“With the end of Miitomo service, it will no longer be possible to create or edit Mii characters using Miitomo, but we are planning to add a feature in late May 2018 which will enable you to create and edit Mii characters for your Nintendo account via your web browser of choice.”

Along with this new online Mii Maker, Nintendo is making it possible for users to export some of their Miitomo items to a variety of services. Players can save their Mii by linking to their Nintendo Account. Sadly the personality and other character information like clothes won’t be carried over when the Mii is transferred.

Sidekick characters from the game can be saved as a QR code and then scanned to a 3DS or a Wii U.

All in-game Miifotos will need to be saved to the user’s phone before the end date of the service as well.

It comes as a little surprise that Miitomo is going to shut down since it apparently experienced difficulty holding player’s attention. 

The game will officially close on May 9th at midnight. Nintendo says its online Mii Maker should launch by the end of May.

Source: Nintendo