Users are abandoning Nintendo’s Miitomo in droves, says report


Despite a strong start, it looks like Miitomo, Nintendo’s first mobile app, is having trouble maintaining player interest.

According to new data from SurveyMonkey, there is a significant discrepency between how many users have downloaded Miitomo, and how many people actually continue to use the application on a frequent basis.

The app, which is less game and more of a chat platform, allows users to send messages through cutesy Mii avatars.

These avatars can be dressed up with clothing and accessories earned through achieving in-app goals, mostly related to sending a specific amount of messages, or through in-app purchases.



See the image above, which also shows shows usage stats for Candy Crush Saga and Clash Royal, for an indication of how quickly users are abandoning Nintendo’s mobile app.

As the graph indicates, the number of Miitomo downloads dramatically dropped in mid April, and continue to remain flat. While frequent Miitomo players once topped about 3 million, the number has dropped off drastically, according to Survey Monkey’s data.

Weekly active users (seen below) have also dropped off dramatically.


While Miitomo initially offers a reasonably compelling experience, after a few days with the app, there is very little to encourage the player to continue coming back for more.

Nintendo plans to release four more mobile titles by March 2017.

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