Uber is sharing a little more of its driving data with cities

Uber is helping city planners in Washington DC

Uber has quietly partnered with the National Association of City Transportation Officials and the Open Transport Partnership, on a project called SharedStreets.

SharedStreets was launched on February 22nd, allowing cities and companies like Uber to exchange information in an effort to help develop street and curb infrastructure within a city.

The project tracks driving habits such as congestion, hard breaking and rapid acceleration, which can help cities locate dangerous streets that could possibly be redesigned. The ability to map curb side interactions such as taxi drop off and pick up zones, is also part of the project.

These are all areas where Uber’s data can help show patterns that weren’t previously obvious. So far Uber is only sharing data in Washington, DC.

In a report from Wired, Uber is said to be working with the developers at SharedStreets to make sure its data is transferred in an appropriate format and is completely anonymized.

This is a positive move for the company that has been sharing increasing amounts of its data with cities since the launch of its Uber Movement platform.

Source: Wired, NACTO