Facebook’s privacy changes have broken Tinder for some users [Update – now working]

Tinder app on iPhone X

Update – 7:30pm: A statement from a Tinder spokesperson confirms the issue has been fixed and the service is back up and running. “A technical issue prevented some users from accessing our service earlier today. We found a resolution and quickly resumed service. We ask our users to ensure that they have updated the app and are running the most recent version.”

Facebook is currently dealing with a scandal regarding over 87 million users who had their data accessed by the firm Cambridge Analytica, including over 600,000 Canadians.

In response to the widespread criticism its role in the matter, Facebook recently introduced a number of changes which aim to increase the amount of privacy users have on the platform.

In the process, though, Facebook’s efforts seem to have inadvertently disrupted usage in popular dating app Tinder, which prominently features Facebook integration.

To register for Tinder, users must their profiles to a Facebook account for verification and profile details. However, Tinder users trying to open the app are now reporting an error message titled ‘Facebook Permissions’ that states users must provide additional Facebook permissions in order to use or create a Tinder account.

When tapping ‘Ask Me’ — the only provided option — the app requests that the user logs into Facebook again, which restarts the same error loop.


While Tinder and Facebook have publicly stated they are working on resolving the issue, the incident does bring up larger implications about other Facebook-connected apps that could be affected in the wake of the privacy setting changes.

As of now, however, only Tinder users seem to be affected.