4K Chromebook codenamed ‘Atlas’ might be on its way


It looks like a 4K Chromebook may be in the works.

Reddit user ‘-nbsp-‘ discovered a few lines from the Chromium boards.yaml file. In the lines of code is the codename ‘Atlas’ and characters related to a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution — which equals 4K.

Codename Atlas is a 4k Chromebook from r/chromeos

That’s currently all the information out there regarding the possibility of a 4K Chromebook being on the way. Chromebooks, like Windows, are made by a number of third-party manufacturers, including Asus, Acer and Samsung. While most Chromebooks are low-end, more affordable devices, Google’s own Pixelbook is one of the few high-end Chromebooks on the market.

It’s possible that Atlas is the codename for an upcoming Pixelbook.

Previous rumours also indicate that Google is working on a Chrome OS Android tablet that’s similar to the Acer’s education-focused Chromebook Tab 10, but with beefed-up specifications.

Source: ‘-nbsp-‘, Via: XDA Developers