EB Games Canada now offering pre-orders on ‘The Duke’ Xbox One controller

Xbox The Duke controller

EB Games Canada has announced that pre-orders for ‘The Duke’ wired Xbox One controller are now live on its website.

When the original Xbox launched in November 2001, it came packed with an infamously large controller that gamers have since referred to as “The Duke.” For context, here’s The Duke beside the current Xbox One controller:

The new Duke — which is a fully functional Xbox One controller — is made by retro game accessory and console manufacturer Hyperkin. To help with development, Hyperkin also worked alongside one of the creators of the original Xbox, Seamus Blackley.

For the most part, the new Duke retains the form factor and button layout of the original. However, as a nice touch, Hyperkin’s Duke replaces the classic controller’s centrepiece ‘jewel’ Xbox logo with a small OLED display that plays the boot up screen from the original Xbox.

Early in the original Xbox’s lifecycle, The Duke was replaced with a more standard-sized gamepad called the Xbox Controller S. However, many gamers — like MobileSyrup managing editor Patrick O’Rourke — still have fond memories of the gargantuan controller, having used it in their childhood to play classic games like Halo: Combat Evolved or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. 

The Duke can be pre-ordered here for $89.99 CAD. EB Games Canada lists May 4th as an estimated release date for the controller.

Were you a fan of The Duke? Are you interested in picking up the new controller? Let us know in the comments.