Alleged Samsung Galaxy S9 box reveals camera with variable aperture and super slow-mo


  • JD

    Stereo speakers! It’s too bad my LG G5 decide the bootloop and I had to go with the S8. This would have been awesome with stereo speakers.

  • Albin

    Interesting. I’ll likely buy my next phone on the basis of the camera and it’s good to see development of the two-lens trend. Have to scratch my head why f/2.4 would be the “daylight” choice as it’s already pretty fast, and tends to blow out in real daylight – I’ve always thought of it as a compromise one-size-fits-all exposure. With f/1.5 available for poor light, a daylight sweet-spot would seem f/3.6 or thereabouts, possbly with some blending of simultaneous exposures.

  • Ipse

    Needless to hope that Exynos 9810 will be in the Canadian phone – I am so addicted to the S7Edge with Exynos battery life that I can’t let go of the phone to update. More than 50% extra SOT than the SD variant and I’m not a gamer to care about graphics performance.
    Please Samsung? As a reminder, we don’t have Verizon here, so we’ll be OK 👅

    Oh…and some software updates once in a decade would be nice. 🤡