Replacement iPhone 6 Plus batteries in short supply, says internal Apple document


  • Jason

    *taps finger on head* You don’t have to replace batteries if you don’t have any batteries

  • Albin

    Even grinning fanchildren who ran out to by the iX have secondary uses for their “old” i6s and i7s – to sell or to give as a self-respecting gift to that young neice or grandma. The “real problem” is that learning of the throttling immediately causes any potential buyer or recipient to question whether they, personally, are going to have to pay C$100 or so for a good working phone or if the seller / gift giver has done it. Forcing the battery charge onto those older phones even for loyalists who ran out to buy new ones, and not to mention the skinflints thinking they’d get three years from the best phone in world, was not good customer relations. That’s the “real problem”. It’s hilarious to read journalists say it’s just not telling people soon enough.

  • AW Sudo

    Lol, We are sorry… discount for battery replacement… blah blah

    Shh… don’t tell the iSheep users batteries are in short supply… simply communicate there is a delay and we are unable to guarantee stock and make them wait a VERY long time…

    Those who cannot wait may upgrade to a new shiny iPhone 8 or iPhone X… end result is the same. Apple wins with a forced upgrade!

  • Smanny

    Since Apple didn’t disclose anything until 3rd parties brought the clock speed reduction into the light of the public.

    Apple could be hiding other issues with their iPhones, like a faulty SoC. But if the clock speed is reduced, then it might not lockup or reset at a lower clock rate. Therefore Apple could be hiding faulty hardware, that can only be fixed by replacing the iPhone. Considering nobody but Apple has access to change the speed of your iPhone. Has everyone forgot that part?

  • Sammy smith

    They gave me an appointment to replace my iPhone 6 plus battery. I show up only for them to say “sorry no batteries in stock… We’ll call you. Thanks for coming”