Vivo is the first phone manufacturer to show off an in-display fingerprint sensor


  • It’s Me

    Neat. Can it scan your print anywhere on the display or just in a fixed location? The performance hit is unfortunate. No one wants to wait for unlock.

    • ciderrules

      Fixed location. And you’re right about the speed – people hate waiting for anything on their mobile devices or computers. Even if it’s just a second.

      Qualcomm’s demo of their ultrasonic version (also with Vivo, BTW) was also slow to read your print.

    • FlamesFan89

      Meh, if it is fixed location, it doesn’t excite me. I really like the back facing sensor personally. If it were “anywhere on the screen” it might be a different story, but this is not that.

    • Smanny

      From the looks of Synaptics scanner. It requires an OLED display so it can see the users finger print. Qualcomm’s scanner uses ultrasonic sound to build a 3D image of a user’s finger print, including pours, and internal ridges. Qualcomm’s ultrasonic scanner is much more secure and a users finger print cannot be copied and used using Qualcomm’s scanner.

  • Arman

    Amazing news, I am using Google Pixel XL and don’t like the finger print on the back at all. This would be the best implementation if its reliable and fast and not a gimmick, we’ll see.

    • Smanny

      Many smartphones have the finger print scanner on the back of the phone now. Plus if you are holding onto your smartphone, then most likely your finger will be right near the location of the finger printer scanner. Besides the Pixels finger print scanner doubles as a scroll down for notifications.

    • Arman

      I don’t like it. There are downsides to this, if you have your phone on the desk you have to pick it up to unlock it for one.