Rogers and Fido launch Black Friday iPhone deals [Update]


  • southerndinner


  • Aceclutch

    Fido is offering $45 2gb + 2gb(24months) as retenation. Just mention freedom Mobile and you have to be with Fido for 3 months. I just got it

    • It’s Me

      That’s not even as good last year. They’re going backwards. And after two years it’s back to an unusable 2GB.

      I hope not too many people are falling for that.

    • Aceclutch

      After 2 years you can easily add a 2gb bonus. A month back on my other line who was on a $45 2gb plan they added a 2gb bonus for 24 months. All my lines have a 2gb bonus it’s really easy to get them to put on. Also it’s no contract and the best current deal. Last years $40 4gb promo is also $45 now just to let you know they raised it.

    • It’s Me

      Easily? That’s an assumption. Actually a guess. Of course it’s no contract, they all are unless you take a phone. And yes, thanks, we all know they raised last years price. And this years is worse than last years but the same as the after raised they price.

      It’s still a crap offer. There are much better plans available. People just take the easy route, even if it’s inferior. Rogers counts on lazy customers.

    • Aceclutch

      What are better offers available today that are not from freedom or out of province loopholes? I bet you can’t name 1 for this Black Friday

    • It’s Me

      I love that you automatically exclude two easy ways to get better deals. Why not an out of province? Too hard?

      Rogers loves the lazy and simple. You pay more for less. Does that ever sound like a smart decision?

      It’s ok. Pay more. Kid yourself that you’ve got a great deal. No one is forcing you to spend less.

    • Aceclutch

      I need a in province number. And to be on the Rogers network since I work indoors and that’s the only one who works at my workplace. Since we have a Rogers repeater. Also I need a 604 number for work.

    • It’s Me

      Great. So for anyone that can only use the Rogers network, great deal.

      Area code isn’t really a factor for those really looking.

    • Stephen_81

      I have to disagree that Area Code doesn’t matter, I have both a 705 and a 416 Area code, if I am South of Hwy 9, my 416 area code is seen as an advantage I have an “established” business number, but North of Parry Sound, my 416 area code is seen as a citiot number, so I use my 705 and get a warmer response.
      That said I have considered getting an out of province plan with a single number then port in my additional numbers to keep them, it could be cheaper, but at the moment, Rogers is the only carrier offering 30GB plans, and my negotiated rate on it makes it comparable with out of province numbers.

  • Dimitri

    IPhone 8+ 64GB $129
    Galaxy S8 Plus $0
    Pixel XL 2 $249
    Note 8 $249 ( However you can price match Best Buy for $0.

    Those are good deals. Howsoever I wonder why the X is excluded. Also the Google Home comes with the iPhone orders as well from what I was told.

    • Stephen_81

      I suspect the X is excluded due to inventory shortages. I’ve visited 20ish Rogers & Best buys since the X launch, and yet to find one that had stock by end of day visits. Why hold a promo to bring people in with bait and switch on a day you don’t need help bringing people in.

  • Marshall Davidson

    Haha…Ironically better deals than what Apple itself is trying to shill with their measly gift card offer on a 6 or SE only. Pretty pathetic when you’re getting undercut by a mobile carrier.

  • Orage42

    Those are good deals. I was able to do a device upgrade using my existing 2year-old grandfathered share everything plan. You don’t need to get a new plan to get these prices. Good stuff.

  • GuruM

    Friends, I am seriously considering getting a Google Pixel 2 XL 128 GB ($379) & Apple iPhone 8 Plus – 256 GB ($329). Do you think that I should wait until Boxing Day for better deal?