Vidéotron offers free Club illico subscription with premium wireless plan for a limited time


  • HiKsFiles

    Included… no so fast!

    Just visited their website and thei “Premium mobile plans” have all increased by 5$ since the beginning of the week when you BYOD.

    Example :
    Used to be 6GB @ 49.95$/month
    Now it’s 4GB + 2GB (lol) @ 54.95$/month

  • Maxime Dubois Bergeron

    How reliable is Videotron network nowadays? I remember it being really bad a couple of years ago.

    • mat

      I’ve been with them for about 2 years now, previously I was with Rogers. I find Videotron’s home network to be very reliable (at least as good as the big 3).

      Plus, when I travel into Ontario it automatically switches to Rogers’ network for no extra cost. The data used simply counts towards my limit. So I effectively have nationwide coverage at a discount.