Xplornet LTE broadband service now available in rural Newfoundland

Xplornet LTE Network website on a phone

New Brunswick-based rural internet service provider Xplornet has announced that it is launching a new broadband LTE internet service in rural Newfoundland.

The service is available in and around the communities of Stephenville, Pynn’s Brook, Deer Lake, Reidville, Grand Falls Windsor, Norris Arm, Notre-Dame Junction, Glovertown, Clarenville and Heart’s Content.

In addition, LTE broadband service is also available in the rural communities surrounding St. John’s and Corner Brook. Xplornet says it will roll out broadband internet service to additional communities in the future. The company’s current plans involve building out 60 LTE tower sites across the island.

Individuals in Newfoundland can call 1-866-841-6001 to see whether the company’s new service is available in their area.

“The Internet is changing, and Canadians want more from their Internet service. They want faster speeds and higher data plans so they can stream video and do more of what they love online,” said James Maunder, spokesperson for Xplornet Communications, in a statement issued to MobileSyrup. “As a result of this investment, subscribers to our LTE service can expect more: more speed, and more data at affordable prices.”

Xplornet built out broadband internet access in Newfoundland as part of the federal government’s Connecting Canadians program, which aims to provide Canadians living in rural parts of the country with broadband internet access of at least 5Mbps. In Newfoundland, Xplornet offers broadband service that caps at 25Mbps. Those faster speeds allow those living in more remote parts of the island to stream Netflix, and other video and music content, on multiple devices. Xplornet’s most affordable package starts at $50. More expensive plans provide greater speeds and larger data caps.

Starting next year, Newfoundlanders living even in more remote parts of the province will be able to get internet access when ViaSat-2, one of the largest communications satellites ever launched into space, achieves geosynchronous orbit.

Update: We’ve updated this article to better reflect that Xplornet is launching broadband internet service in Newfoundland, not cellular service.

Source: Xplornet