Calgary police not required to disclose information about its cellphone tracking device


  • Raj Singh

    Totally cool with that. As long as it has some oversight, I – we – don’t need to know how or why. Just keep your city and citizens safe.
    Would suck if some cop uses it for a nefarious purpose or some jealous guy uses it to creep on his chick or what have you… the price you pay in today’s day and age I suppose.

    • Andrew Holt

      Completely disagree. The charter (which I admit is now mostly meaningless) protects Canadians right to privacy.

    • EBIGN

      Honestly, if you got not to hide, there isn’t any reason to worry.

    • Andrew Ball

      This is the most common answer to invasions of privacy, and I really don’t see how it passes the smell test.
      Hypothetically tomorrow, chewing gum gets deemed illegal, but you chew gum regularly. Now you have something to hide. But you were already okay with the invasion of privacy because you had “nothing to hide” previously.

      Privacy comes first because laws change, so do the users of the technology used to invade your privacy.

    • Captain H. Morgan

      the same law that bad people are exploiting.

    • Raj Singh

      There is no privacy.