Essential’s U.S. carrier partner has only sold 5,000 phones, says analyst


  • Jason

    Well it makes sense, what does the phone do differently than any other phone? It’s not cheaper, it doesn’t have a killer app or feature, it’s just another phone in an over saturated market.

    • It’s Me

      Might be some fire sales coming up, if they overproduced like the HP and BB tablets a few years back.

    • Aleph Ruehl

      For me to even consider buying this phone the cost would have to be around 250$ after tax to offset the likelihood Essential last the device’s life.

  • Dimitri

    Essentially it’s not Essential. Let’s just say that. They require you to by a headphone jack in order to use wired headphones which gives u that for free with the iPhone 7 ans above.

    They didn’t market this device enough and it really doesn’t do more then any other device before it or after it. Yes it might have a nice screen but that small hole just like we say about the iPhone X ruins the display. It may be needed for sensors or the ear piece but doesn’t look nice to be honest. Same with the iPhone X.

    Remember also. Normal joe’s don’t know who is the person behind making this phone so most will go with either Apple, Samsung, HTC, Huawei.

    • adamsnider

      The only reason tech sites paid attention to the phone is because it’s made by Andy Rubin, but the average smartphone consumer has no idea who he is (and probably wouldn’t care even if they did).

    • Jonathan

      the wierd cutout on the top, like the iPhone X, is a subjective matter. most tech sites reviewed it as not an issue after some uses. I personally value the edge to edge display more than the annoyance of cutout

      headphone jacks – again, it’s subjective…if the big guys in the market think its not an essential, nothing wrong with essential dropping it as well

      water/dust proof – missign a nice to have feature which is a dissapointment rather than a deal breaker.

      The camera though, I can’t find any explanation/excuse for it even if I tried to. Camera is an essential part of the phone and they failed miserably in that department is the main reason why the phone is not selling.

      like all the other commenters… there’s 2 main factor here:

      A) its a start up and an averge joe doesn’t even know such phone/company existed.

      B) there’s no techie who knows about the phone to vouch for the phone. Every single review on the net has been more negative than postivei……

      the stock android experience is nice
      the edge to edge display is very nice
      the camera is a deal breaker

  • Elky64

    Surely its poor launch with all the delays plays a big role here. Then there’s the fact it didn’t come out of the box swinging either, especially in the camera department.

    I’m sure once you go beyond its beauty it is just like many other phones out there, and venture to say probably worse due to it being the “new kid on the block” w/many aspects lacking polish.

    • Do Do

      ifixit review kicked in the #$$ not to mention horrible reviews about customer service.

  • h2oflyer

    Just a bigger belly flop than the Frank phone.

  • Techguru86

    1000$ Essential phone or $500 A5 2017 ? Not a hard choice considering it just got Nougat, Water resistant, SD, headphone jack and a well powered device overall, just wish the A5 camera had the OIS

  • villain

    it’s missing a few features that other phones of that price tag have.

  • hoo dat

    I have no doubt Essential didn’t launch quite as well as they expected but this method of determining sales is, quite frankly, a joke and statistically inaccurate.

    • Elky64

      Its like any statistic, unless you are getting it from the horses mouth it’ll never be accurate.

  • Andrew Holt

    Selling any phone as carrier exclusive is a death sentence for that phone. Bottom line!

  • Can’t Fix Stupid

    Not essential:

    – price
    – headphone jack
    – no expandable memory / replaceable battery
    – impossible to repair
    – unknown brand / warranty / support track record
    – limited availability from carriers
    – camera issue out of the gate
    – no IR blaster
    – not enough differentiation from existing products

    They over relied on Rubins name which has nothing to do with hardware anyways. Stock Android? Big deal. People that into stock which the average user isn’t can get a Pixel or a phone that takes custom ROMs. Most of predicted it was going to go this way but 5,000 is an astoundingly low number.

  • Balls O’Steele

    Too expensive for an untested brand. Not waterproof. No wireless charging. Fail.

  • Dwayne Hearty

    It’s pretty easy to understand. I was interested in this phone until I found out that I couldn’t get one direct. Their target market may be like me. No direct option=no sale. I don’t trust any network to sell me a pure device, unbranded, unlocked. Even if they ‘allow’ me to buy my own phone without service.