Government of Canada launches website to teach young children about climate change

Canada Climate Kids website

The federal government has launched Climate Kids, a new website aimed at teaching young children about climate change. Geared towards children ages eight to 15 years, Climate Kids is designed to help foster a discussion about the climate change amongst youth, their friends and family.

The site will provide tips on how children can make an impact in their daily lives, such as at home or in school. As well, there a number of quizzes and games that children can go through to help better understand what actions may contribute to climate change.

One of the activities, “Climate Science Brain Buster,” is a multiple choice quiz that asks questions about subjects like greenhouse gas emissions, animals affected by climate change and the Paris Agreement. “My Energy Superhero,” meanwhile, challenges kids to create their own super-powered friend using renewable resources.

“You’re never too young or too old to start taking climate action,” said Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change. “Getting our children talking and involving them early will better equip them to become strong leaders, thinkers, and problem solvers in the global effort towards a cleaner, more prosperous Canada for generations to come.”

Canadians can visit the Climate Kids website here.

Source: Canada Newswire