Samsung opens up its proprietary mobile browser to all Android devices


  • fred

    as long as I can remove it from my phone

    • You do realize that you can choose not to download the Samsung browser from the Play Store when it becomes available if you’re not currently using a Samsung phone, right?

    • fred

      yeah, but what if I have a Samsung phone? I should be able to delete it too.

    • I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and I just simply disabled the Samsung browser since there is no option to uninstall the browser.

    • fred

      yeah it’s a shame to loose storage space for that. At least it no longer appears in the launcher

    • It doesn’t take up that much of your device storage.

    • fred

      by itself, no, but it adds up pretty quickly with all the rest of the samsung crap

  • The Finder

    This is a joke right? Who would want to voluntarily get Samsung software lol? That’s like deleting Chrome and getting Internet explorer haha ????

    • jpd514

      Give a try to Samsung Internet and Samsung Focus and you will do what we all do : delete Chrome and delete Ggmail

    • SmellyOaf

      The content blocker alone is worth a try in my opinion.

  • Anonymous Agent

    I hate the fake that any Android phone comes with bloatware. Would be better if all devices come empty out of the box and let the users decide what they want on their devices. This would have up on internal memories as well. Cause not all users want everything that comes on the device when they first turn on the device. Like come on some phones come with two email apps. Two or more browser apps. And my phone came with play music. Other play apps I never use. Doc apps I never use. Hangouts I never use. Plus came with carrier bloatware as well I never use either. Again the only thing the devices should come preloaded on them be the dialer. Calendar. Camera app. Gallery app. File manager app. And that’s it. Let the users download what they want from the play store when they want to later on. Leave the devices empty.

    • Zac Monchamp

      I use the Samsung browser far more on my S7e than Chrome. It’s lighter, faster and is far more compatible with sites. It also has plug-ins with adblocking. Which is very helpful on bloated tech sites.

      It’s a bundled app I approve of, most are just annoying unremovable junk unless you root your phone though. LoL

  • lprikha

    I guess spying on Samsung phone users wasn’t enough, they want to steal and sell every Android user’s data.