Best Buy Canada starts carrying digital game codes online


  • Dimitri

    Explain to me why would I buy it from Best Buy when I can go directly into my PlayStation Store and buy it from there without moving from my bed or couch. I get it when you are down and shopping but it’s easier to get it while u are in PSN as it downloads directly once you buy it. Vs buying it from. Best Buy and then going home and doing this.

    • Homer J. Simpson

      “Best Buy Canada has started to carry digital game content through its online store.”

      The game codes are purchased online. You don’t need to go anywhere…

      Also, if you have best buy rewards, you can spend it from BestBuy, if there are sales on BestBuy, you can buy it from BestBuy for cheaper price..

    • Dimitri

      I get that BUT Best Buy locations are also getting emails to proper for this in store. It’s not only ” Online only” or else it would say ” Online Only”. Just got off the phone with my buddy which is a mobile manager and read me the email. Stores will receiving them shorty as well.

      To tell you the truth, Best Buy never puts the games cheaper then PSN or Microsoft store. As employees the discount for us was only $5-$10 on a $74.99 game. So that sucks. Lol

      As for the rewards, that’s the only good thing but Sony and Microsoft have asked Best Buy to remove that option. Best Buy still hasn’t done it.

      In the end I rather trust PSN then going on the Best Buy website which is buggy at times, buying it from there. Waiting for a email to get the code. Then enter the code into psn.

    • LeTricolore

      Best Buy often has sales for pre-ordering games around E3. If that’ll still be possible with digital games, it may be interesting. The only time I’ve purchased physical copies of games on PS4 have been through those E3 sales.

    • Dimitri

      Yea that is true but the same sales I believe are done on the PSN as well and within EB Games. So all in all of Best Buy has the same pricing as both of them, it’s not much of a deal. Right?

    • Wanker

      Why are you commenting when you don’t even know Best Buy’s pricing for digital codes yet?

    • Dimitri

      Why are you attacking someone for making a comment?.. Move long my friend.. I worked for Best Buy when they starte internally talking about this last year. The pricing is what Sony, Microsoft tell them to price. They don’t pick and choose pricing. If you don’t know this, then go read it online. Just like Apple, Sony and Microsoft tell their retailers to price all games and all accessories specifically to what they want and not what the retail wants.

      Go ask a Best Buy employee to check RSS (Internal retail system) and give them the Product code for a PS4 game. You will see they only get 5-$10 off depending on what games they are and how old. Sony controls that as well.

    • Wanker


    • Dimitri

      Yes attack. Now if you have nothing else to say, move along. No one asked u for your input unless you have any real input or information to add. Take care!

  • Andrew Holt

    Best Buy is a dying business. I hadn’t stepped foot in one for a few years until just last weekend. They have drastically remodeled the store since last time, and it now seems to be really just a bunch of mini vendor stores all rolled into one. For instance there is an Apple Section, and Google Section, a Samsung Section and a Microsoft section.

    Their video game and media sections are all but a tiny little corner of the store. It seems that fewer and fewer brick and mortar stores are selling physical media these days. It’s actually getting harder to find a store that carry’s Blu Rays anymore.

    I should add that I was shopping there at 3 PM on Saturday (probably the peak shopping time of the entire week), in a major shopping plaza, in a major Canadian city, and there was MAYBE 7-8 customers in the store, and probably half of those customers were merely showroom browsing. There was only one cashier, and they were just standing there not serving anyone for the majority of the time. I think their days are numbered. Maybe they could save their video game sales by at least offering the 20% off gamers club deal they have in the USA.

    • Wanker

      What is the point of this post?

    • Dimitri

      Point is that he is saying the truth. If you work or worked at Best Buy you would know this. Some stores are starting to tell their employees that they may close in a year or so as they can’t even hit their % per month or week. Something u don’t know.

    • Diego

      I work for Best Buy and everything you’ve said just sounds like pure crap. Somebody sounds a little jealous or may have gotten fired from there? Either way, before you bash the company I just want to clarify that Best Buy is actually doing REALLY really well…especially in Canada. Ever since the closing of the Future Shop locations the company has grown tremendously. I understand why you’re saying all this because you already have this presumption set that every best buy employee is exactly the same and stands around and does nothing. I can absolutely guarantee this is not the case. Physical media (blu-ray, DVD, CD’s) is a dying breed and we all know this…big whopdeedoo…its 2017. Just because you walked in on one day and saw some “bad” customer experience doesn’t mean its like that all over the company. I have worked for the company for 5 years and sure its not a perfect one but I can’t say I mind working there one little bit. Its really sad that people like you automatically bash these brick & mortar stores just based off one little experience. Name one other electronics retailer that has lasted this well and operates the way Best Buy has. Wal-Mart…Canadian Tire…? good luck trying to get anyone to help you there. Oh and by the way nobody makes commission on ANY sales unlike every other carrier store…and 99% of the time the prices are better on hardware (promos…gift cards…free bluetooth speakers etc.) Good day sir.