Uber ice cream returns to Toronto this Friday, August 11

Uber is doing things slightly differently this time around

Uber Ice Cream

Uber ice cream is back this Friday, August 11th.

Starting at 11:00 am, Torontonians can order ice cream for themselves and up to four other friends using the Uber mobile app.

Normally that would be the end of the event, but not this year. Instead, this time around, those lucky few that manage to order ice cream successfully have a chance to get a collectible plastic cone that entitles them to a free cone of soft serve ice cream from McDonald’s every Friday through September 22.

According to Uber, the collectible cone is available in limited quantities, so not everyone that orders ice cream this Friday will get one.

Toronto is one of 10 North American cities in which Uber is offering ice cream delivery service this year. The other nine cities are all in the U.S.

Uber started delivering ice cream as part of an annual special event starting in 2012.