RBC awarded highest customer satisfaction among mobile banking apps


  • Rey

    I had to comment, cuz that wallpaper on the phone in the pic above is dope! Anyone know where to get that specific one?

    • Dean Daley

      Hey, I got the wallpaper through the Zedge app on Android. Search “Spiderman” and there are tons of options. That specific one was there pretty early in the list.

    • BB71

      Agreed, that is pretty dope.

    • Aleph Ruehl

      Maybe they can give Scotia some pointers because their app is beyond terrible.

  • BB71

    I am an RBC client so I am a little biased but I have to say, the app works flawlessly. Never had an issue with it and it is super user friendly.

  • mrideas

    As an RBC and Scotia client I couldn’t disagree more. RBC is missing so many key features that scotia has had for some time. This is just a small list of items that scotia had and RBC doesn’t in no particular order: 1. You can’t get your statements for your accounts, investments or credit cards or see them in their app only online. 2. You cant view your investments other than a balance and 3. certainly can’t manage your investment preauthorized contributions. 4. When You make purchases or pay bills you can’t see the full details of those purchases or bills in your bank accounts till overnight processing happens. Just a vague code and amount. 5. You can’t manage your mortgage payments or make prepayments. 6. mobile deposits are glitchy at best and you can only deposit c$ cheques using mobile deposit so you can’t deposit a usd$ Cheque to usd account.

    RBC does at least have its Direct Investing access integrated into the app where scotia has a separate iTrade app. You can also deposit money directly and instantly into another RBC customers account if you have their account number. However for all the missing basic features I’d give the RBC APP only a 2/5.

    IMHO it’s ‘pretty’ but that’s where’s it ends.