Apple showcases diverse Canadian artists in iPhone short film

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In celebration of Canada 150 and July the 1st, Apple has released a short film that features Canadian talents.

Called “A Portrait of Canada,” the video was shot on iPhone and showcases the talent of three Canadian artists: Humble the Poet, photographer Caitlin Cronenberg and First Nations band A Tribe Called Red. Their work was combined with photos taken by iPhone users across Canada.

The goal of the video is to show some of the country’s diversity. “Canada now represents an unparalleled freedom. We’re not simply tolerant, we celebrate and live diversity on our own terms,” Humble told Apple.

“My vision as a professional photographer, and as a Canadian, was to personally seek out and explore the stories of this vast country through the unique lens of iPhone,” Cronenberg said. “We saw the people, we met the people, we shot the people and places.”

The film is set to A Tribe Called Red’s “Suplex featuring Northern Voice” who bring a distinct First Nations style to their music. “We feel it’s so important to be present and involved in this mainstream conversation around inclusivity,” Ian Campeau, a member of the group, told Apple. “Our roots, our differences and our history are important as we establish a new day for the relationship between Indigenous Nations and Canada.”

A Portrait of Canada is one of several ways that Apple has been featuring Canadian talent this year. Back in February, the company launched its ‘Shot on iPhone 7’ campaign, which included work from photographer Benjamin Plouffe, who was born near Montréal.

Apple has also been highlighting Canadian-developed titles in the App Store as of late. A dedicated ‘Unapologetically Canadian’ section was recently put up, following specific highlights for apps made in Toronto and Waterloo, Montreal and Calgary.

Source: Apple