Google clarifies which Chromebooks will get Android apps


  • awhite2600

    While it’s nice to have an updated list, it’s little more than a tease. Google announced Android apps on Chrome devices nearly a year ago. So far only a handful of devices have support with some of those still being in the beta channel. Everything else is “planned”. What does that mean? The next few months, next year … never?

  • Mauricio Araujo

    “Google Clarifies..” ?
    Maybe Google did because the article certainly didn’t, where is the link to revised list ?

    • Brad Fortin

      You’ll have to follow the source link. The list seems a little long to copy it all into this article.

  • mizkitty

    Wonder how many people bought Chromebooks a year ago thinking they’d get app support eventually…

    Google really dropped the ball on this.

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