Copyless Pasting coming to Chrome 60 in the near future

Google Chrome app

Google is adding a new feature to its Google Assistant software called copyless pasting.

Copyless pasting allows users to look at text on Chrome without selecting it, and then switch to another app where Assistant will suggest terms from the Chrome you were looking at to paste. The code documentation for the new function provides a deeper understanding of the new feature.

“Provide suggestions for text input, based on your recent context. For example, if you looked at a restaurant website and switched to the Maps app, the keyboard would offer the name of that restaurant as a suggestion to enter into the search bar. The data is indexed locally and never sent to the server. It’s disabled in incognito mode.”

This function should be available within the next few months on Chrome 60 for Android. The current coding for Copyless Pasting shows the feature will not work while in Incognito Mode, nor will it be available on low-end devices, according to VentureBeat.

Copyless Pasting is just one of the features coming to Android in the near future. With Google I/O on the horizons — May 17th to May 19th — we’re expecting to see a variety of other new features come to Android devices.

Source: VentureBeat