SyrupCast Podcast Ep. 117: The ‘Essential’ S8 podcast


  • danakin

    This week Igor, Patrick, Zach, and Ian join host Igor for number 117.

    Patrick, having written the site’s review, kicked off the S8 discussion. The entire conversation skimmed the surface of the device’s relevant aspects of the and didn’t offer listeners any real content to help them make a purchasing decision.

    Talk moved to whether iPhone users would see enough here to switch platforms. Will this question, in mirror form, be asked this fall when the Cupertonians release their next phone? Sadly, what could have been an informative discussion died on the Apple flavoured sycophantic vine. This is the flagship (until the next Note) Android release and it received a tepid, lacking amount of usable content.

    It was odd that Patrick, who by his own admission cares about specs, would reference a non-existent chip (Snapdragon 831), when discussion the S8’s main competitor (LG G6). Odder still that, in a quartet of technology writers, no one caught this. They either:
    (a) Don’t want to embarrass a colleague by correcting him. Cowardly as it allows misinformation to be conveyed to the audience.
    (b) Are incompetent; considering this is not news nor is it a difficult detail to uncover.
    (c) Can’t be bothered to put in the work required to offer listeners the quality other technology podcasts routinely deliver.

    Patrick then mentioned he could not recommend the G6 because of its processor (SD 821) but didn’t expand on where the perceived or real shortcomings exist. If you’re going to move the discussion into this area, at least have the conviction to engage in meaningful discourse.

    When the discussion moved to the device’s aspect, display, and how well the device will do, there was finally something worthwhile for listeners.

    Andy Rubin’s new smartphone ambition followed. Information on the device is limited so it wasn’t surprising that there wasn’t much to say. The podcasters grasped at low hanging fruit in mentioning, both directly and tangentially, how competition is good. Overall this segment wasn’t as vapid as the S8 offering; it didn’t, however, offer enough to save this episode.

    Igor wasn’t really on his game this week. He had shown significant improvement these past months but his lead-ins and discussion starters didn’t hit the mark this time out.

    This week’s show gets a 7.2 SMSPR (Subjective MobileSyrup Podcast Review) score. If this was a Led Zeppelin cover band it would be called Limp Blimp.