Android founder Andy Rubin is reportedly planning a comeback and he’s bringing a new high-end smartphone with him


  • Rev0lver

    This is very interesting, but it would have to run Android. There’s no way another OS will gain any market share.

    • Smanny

      It could be running Google’s new Andromeda OS, which can run Android apps, as well as Chrome apps.

    • Brad Fortin

      I could see it gaining traction with Windows 10, especially now that Microsoft is bringing Windows to ARM (… again) with the ability to run desktop/legacy apps when docked.

    • Rev0lver

      With the right marketing campaign I could see that working.

    • Brad Fortin

      I can see the business appeal, for sure. Relatively basic phone on the go with few apps or games to distract employees, which for a while was part of the appeal of BB10, and full Windows when they get to their desk or workstation to run business and legacy apps, like Continuum on steroids.

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  • Luiz Amaral ★彡

    Nice to see another player come into the game. Looks promising.
    But, iPhone-like price point, talks to carriers, new proprietary connector (because the industry needs a new one, right?), external hardware, line nobody tried that yet…
    We’ll see.

    • Vito R.

      Don’t worry, this isn’t going anywhere.

      Android never really took off until they pushed Rubin out, I don’t think he knows what it takes to make a product succeeded.

  • St. Misery

    This would go straight to the fail heap, emerging markets can’t afford it, and developed markets are wildly addicted to iPhone and Galaxy devices. No one is looking for a new super premium entrant.

    • thereasoner

      The Pixels did alright with a projected 10 million sales in its first year despite a limited release with only certain countries and carriers that have it. A lot of Android OEMS would love to hit that number for their own flagships.

  • Smanny

    I think this could be the first official device to run with Googles Andromeda OS. This OS also can run Android apps as well as Chrome apps. This would make sense, especially when this new device could use an existing ecosystem.

    • Vito R.

      Why would it need to run Chrome apps? Chrome is trying to run Android apps.

      This device (and company) is going to be a failure.

  • kaostheory

    Obviously he doesn’t know how to build a phone. If he thinks a magnetic dock for proprietary modules is the way to go, he’s never heard of the LG G5. I don’t understand why you would buy a proprietary module when they can make the same thing with Bluetooth. Although I’m surprised that no one has made a high end mp3 player that can receive calls from your phone via Bluetooth.

    • watchman88

      The next innovation could be a voic controlled Alexa like device combined with a phone built into an earbud / hearing aid form factor with no screen. It would provide a bluetooth link to a tablet or laptop that provides the screen when desired or eventually a contact lens screen combo. Users would then become real androids (especially those of us older folks with artificial hips, knees, …:).

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