Andy Rubin’s Essential smartphone shows up on GFXBench with 10GB ROM, 18-inch screen


  • rgl168

    18″ screen for a phone?

  • Dimitri

    I really doubt this is a phone at that screen size. It’s most likely a modified tablet / laptop screen. No one and I mean no one would walk around and use that as a phone.

  • Brad Fortin

    Sure it’s an 18″ screen but there’s no bezels, and I’ve heard that people care more about not having bezels than being able to reach and use the whole screen.

    • p_lindsay

      So we can all safely assume you’ll dislike the big screen, small bezel​ iPhone that’s coming out later in the year?

    • Brad Fortin

      If I can’t reach every corner without resorting to hand gymnastics it’s too big for me. I’d be fine with their current 4.7″ screen in a bezel-free form factor, as well as a smaller 4″ screen in a bezel-free form factor, but I still wouldn’t want a screen larger than 5″.

    • p_lindsay

      With all that being said, it kinda makes me wonder why you’d order a 5.5″ Pixel XL when you could walk into any store and get a normal Pixel. Or does your small screen preference only apply to iPhones?

    • Brad Fortin

      I ordered it for a customer, not myself. I would never use a 5.5″ phone as my daily driver.

    • p_lindsay

      Ya seems legit. Whenever I want a new Android phone I always get an iSheep to order it for me instead of just doing it myself.

    • Brad Fortin

      She came to my Bell store to order it. She doesn’t know or care which phone I use.

    • p_lindsay

      You would be a Bell employee.

    • Brad Fortin


  • Alex

    hahahaha, oh, this would be jokes if its real. Just remembered the 18″ samsung tablet, LOLS.

  • neo905

    Terrible reporting. It is a 5.5″ display with slim bezels not a 18″ display. Come on guys, do better.

  • Omar

    I read that as an 18″ screen and 10 GB of RAM lol…No way this phone has an 18″ screen.

  • Jason van de Laar

    Well, if it had a 16GB ROM and 6 GB taken up by the system then 10 GB, usable, sounds pretty close. Can’t remember how bad stock android phones suffer from this these days but I know my Samsung GS4 bloatware really takes its toll on storage space.