Poll: What current or upcoming smartphone are you buying?


  • Andrew Gallagher

    Pixel XL 2

  • samsvoc

    Nokia 8 or 9.

    • Nic Smith

      bump bump bump

  • Cole Cadieux


  • 1messager

    So people are ok to pay a lot and don’t have a simple headphone jack for the iphone?!

    • jellmoo

      Might not be a priority for people? I’m not planning on getting an iPhone, but the lack of a headphone jack wouldn’t be something to deter me.

    • ciderrules

      Are people OK paying iPhone prices for a flagship (Samsung) and only getting support for 2 years? And waiting 6 months for the next Android update?

      Our family switched to BlueTooth long before Apple ever removed the jack.

    • formulaphone

      Looks like there’s a new Apple lover in town 😛

    • ????????Marshall

      “New” ????????????????

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Sadly he’s been here too long.

  • Benoit Bourdua

    I like the G6, just not until price drops.

    • Roger

      $300-$400 trade-in not enough? Or are you referring to outright price? I’m getting the G6 for free w a 2 year contract.

  • Scott

    surprised that the OnePlus didn’t make the list but the Huawei did.

    • Omar

      Huawei is starting to get both feet through the door in Canada with their smartphones. Watch a playoff game on Sportsnet or CBC and you’ll see what I mean lol.

    • Scott

      agreed but that’s related to all Huawei business. They bought a huge portion of the old Nortel company, have won some fed gov contracts for networking equipment which explains why they are advertising on the board at Sens games. They are a medium/big employer in Ottawa high tech right now.

    • ciderrules

      Yeah, I was surprised to see that too. Also had to laugh at the announcers pronouncing ‘Huawei”.

  • PΞTΞЯ™

    Huawei Honor 8 Pro.

  • GordyDevice

    Huawei Honor 8

    • WeirdG

      Best bang for buck phone IMO. I loved using it when i had one.

    • Beautiful Blessings

      Why do you no longer possess the device which once you cherished…?
      Did it fail, like the enemies of the prophet at the gates of the temple?

    • WeirdG

      No…. it worked great right up until I sold it. The performance was awesome… quick and snappy. I used it for about six months, and it was pretty awesome. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Huawei/Honor phone.

      Ever since the LG V20 announcement was made many months ago, I knew that was a phone I HAD to get. Great camera and a quad DAC is what sold me on it. I just couldn’t justify spending $1000CAD on it when it was released. Ended up paying a little over $600CAD for it a couple of weeks back because I found it on sale. Got rid of the Honor 8 because I have no use for a second phone.

    • Beautiful Blessings

      Thank you. You are more adventurous than I, who have sought sanctuary in Apple’s walled and secure garden.

    • WeirdG

      Apple’s got a very stable and secure system, which I like, but that’s it. Android is more versatile, and allows me to do more. When it comes to smartphones, I’ll always buy an Android. When it comes to tablets, I’ll always buy an iPad. The Android tablets sucks by comparison.

  • jellmoo

    Got my eye on the KEYOne, but it will need a test drive first. Other than that, I’m waiting to see the latest Axon from ZTE, the latest from OnePlus, and the new Honor device.

  • LarryD

    BlackBerry KEYone

  • Was gonna get the G6, but after battery issue rumors decided to go for a S8+. I hope I can live with the UI and all Samsung’s proprietary BS apps.

    • Sean-Paul

      You can disable a lot of the things without root surprisingly.
      So far I’m happy with my S8

  • Robert Hrobelsky

    45% people going Samsung

    • ciderrules

      Which shows why these polls aren’t accurate. iPhone is by far the sales leader in flagship phones selling 3x as many as Samsung.

    • samsvoc

      And 55% aren’t.

  • Mutnat

    Most likely will replace my OnePlus 3 with a OnePlus 5. Hopefully it launches with a midnight black version!

  • 1messager

    S8 for me with his nice design.

  • Omar

    Honestly, if BB didn’t botch the release of the KeyOne, and didn’t price it at over $700 ($549 USD) I would have bought it in a heartbeat. Instead I got a OnePlus 3T to replace my One, so I’m good for the next few years.

    • Syaz

      I’m pretty disappointed with the release date myself… I’m also hoping Canadian pricing will be no more than $700.

    • Allyouranusarebelongtous

      $700 seems a bargain compared to many new phones…

    • Omar

      Only because flagships are now $1000 CAD. And it seems only Samsung and Apple can make real profit from those kinds of prices, every other OEM seems to be struggling to make money off their mobile division. I get it has a keyboard but $700 for a midrange device is still $700 for a midrange device, especially from Blackberry. You can get very good flagship phones from ZTE and OnePlus for less than that. Or midrange devices from Samsung (Galaxy A5) and Motorola (G5 Plus) for less than that.

    • Techguru86

      The reviewers are already saying that it’s performing better than the DTEK60 and that’s rocking a 820, look at the build quality, battery life and same camera as the pixel

    • John Peters

      Where did you see the CAD pricing on the KEYone? The only thing I’ve seen is $199 on a two-year contract but I’d rather buy it outright and unlocked.

    • Omar

      Converting from US pricing ($549).

  • ciderrules

    iPhones for the entire family. Sell the old ones (and get a great price due to high resale value) and only pay the difference for the newest model. This way I get a new iPhone every year and pay the same price as buying one and keeping it for 3-4 years.

  • vn33

    I like bigger phones for media consumption, and also one that gives best bang for buck value.
    So Huawei Mate 9 fits the bill.

  • sharkhark

    How did you not mention oneplus 4 called 5?you list an old 3t not the only phone I’m waiting for the oneplus 5?

  • matus201

    I loved my Galaxy S6 until I broke it, now I have the iPhone 6s and while it is a great phone it’s not for me. I think I will go for the S7, just because as a grad student I simply cannot afford the S8.

  • MoYeung

    No way Samsung S8 sell more than iPhone(s). Anecdotal evidence

  • Whome

    What about the LG V20 or V30 when it comes out?

    • WeirdG

      V30 is at least six month out (my guess). The V20 should be listed, as Rogers/Fido/Bell just started selling it last month. I just bought a dual SIM V20 of eBay last week.

    • Techguru86

      V20 was launched back in November, not a new phone, the big 3 only got on the wagon now

    • WeirdG

      I’m aware of that, but the major Canadian networks (Roger/Bell) didn’t receive it until last month. Also, the Honor 8 was released in July 2016, the Google Pixel was released in October 2016, and the Sony XZ Premium was released in November 2016, while the LG V20 was released in October 2016.

      By your logic, those other phones aren’t new either. I actually bought my Honor 8 around the time the LG V20 was released.

  • ciderrules

    Sorry, Samsungs own figures show it to be around 3X as many.

    • Can you point me to these figures. I couldn’t find them anywhere.

    • ciderrules

      Samsung ASP is around $225. That means they are selling roughly 1 flagship for every 3 low-end phones. Making Galaxy S/Note phone sales around 20 million last quarter. If they had sold 30 million, then their ASP would have to be significantly higher.

      The last time Samsung ever reported sales was in Feb 2014. At this time Apple had sold 413 million iPhones to 200 million Galaxy S over the same time period (excludes iPhone sales before Samsung started making the Galaxy S). So iPhone is already at 2x as many. And then Samsung had 7 consecutive losing quarters while Apple had record breaking iPhone sales.

      There’s two different possible sources to show the iPhone easily outsells Samsung flagships by 3X.

    • h2oflyer

      And you believe Samsung.

  • Vladimir Tonkonogov

    It has to be Sony XZ Premium, as XZ is neither new nor coming to Canada

  • xBURK

    Some great choices here. In the end, it’s BlackBerry KEYone!

    • Beautiful Blessings

      Ah! You have been seduced by the Mother Of All Spacebars! She casts a mischievous spell, does she not…?

    • xBURK

      With a fingerprint scanner built into it, yep. Perfect placement, perfect idea.

    • Beautiful Blessings

      Tis the eighth wonder of the world immediately after the Gates of Byzantine and before the Colossus of The Euphrates…

  • Benjamin Lehto

    Waiting to see the OnePlus 5

  • 2112

    KEYone – the phone is very professional looking

  • Hys D. Luffy

    S7 Edge Exynos version in Coral blue

  • Sia

    wheres the Not buying anything and sticking to my current phone option?

    • Allyouranusarebelongtous

      It is truly asking what your “next” phone will be…and unless you die…there is always a next phone, eventually.

    • RoboBonobo

      “Which one are you buying?” If you’re not buying anything, the poll doesn’t apply to you.

  • Allyouranusarebelongtous

    If I’m honest…I do everything meaningful on a tablet, the phone really is for phoning and camera duty for me. It really has ultimately boiled down to that over the last few years for me. Give me a great battery and a killer Camera and I’m good.

  • Nic Smith

    Not to be ‘that guy’, but the the Nokia 9 is going to be lit af

  • Stephen_81

    Could only pick 1, so I picked the KeyOne since that will be my next phone, but I think in the next 12 months I will also purchase A new iPhone, be it the 7 or the one that comes in September, AND possibly the next pixel as well.

    My Passport took a crash dive last month, so I need a new physical keyboard phone
    My iPhone 6S is getting long in the tooth
    My Nexus 6P is starting to develop iPhone like Battery life, so it isn’t long for this world either.

  • IqaluitZen

    BlackBerry/TCL KEYone

  • bruteMax

    What a stupid poll to not have an “Other” category.

    • Zach Gilbert

      You are in the other category now.

    • Beautiful Blessings


  • WeirdG

    Traded in my Honor 8 for an LG V20 last week. Quite happy with it. Too bad it’s not listed on the poll.

    • Techguru86

      It’s not a new phone, freedom and videotron released it back before Xmas

    • WeirdG

      I’m aware of that, but the major Canadian networks (Roger/Bell) didn’t receive it until last month. Also, the Honor 8 was released in July 2016, the Google Pixel was released in October 2016, and the Sony XZ Premium was released in November 2016, while the LG V20 was released in October 2016.

      By your logic, those other phones aren’t new either.

  • Jesse Pentecost

    The keyOne!

  • Kasey C

    None of the above.

  • Art Broomes


  • Richard Sauve

    Yah, none of the above. No Motorola, no ZTE? I know they can’t list EVERY phone, but they have multiples from single brands. 4 Huawei phones, 3 google phones, 3 Samsung options. That’s 10/16 options. This is a silly poll apparently by someone who apparently loves Huawei lol.

    And P.S. not everyone buys flagship phones. Maybe a better poll would have been which brand will likely be your next choice for phone.

  • Beautiful Blessings

    I shall take unto me an iPhone SE with 128gb of storage; no large screen needeth I, innit.
    Praises be to the Bezel!

  • slavitch

    The Sony from B&H Photo Video can be bought with a repair warranty and it’s the best value for an unlocked phone.

    • Mazy

      But is it secure oh no didn’t think of that LOL

  • Ann-Louise Winter

    I’m currently enjoying my iPhone 6S plus but will likely get the BlackBerry KEYone and/or the new iPhone in September.

    • Mazy

      careful you don’t drop your 6S or oops cracked screen LOL. Won’t happen with the KEYone, no plastic or flimsy aluminum for KEYone ha ha

  • meh…


  • Steve

    Poll closed. Too many people voting for the BlackBerry KEYone.

    • Beautiful Blessings

      Are they not a patriotic flock, these sons and daughters of Can-Ada?
      As they buy so shall they sow, by Alan…

    • Farrid Mailloux

      Keyone!! Long live BlackBerry!!!

  • jegriff

    Definitely interested in the Blackberry KEYone. Love my BB Q10!!! Need a phone with a keyboard!

  • Rajashekar Sanga

    BlackBerry KEYone

  • djinn123

    just because the results are unfavorable to you?

  • Paul Palik

    BlackBerry KEYone

  • John Peters

    Not surprised with the results given the KEYone is nearly half the price of the iPhone and S8. Looking at the iPhone and the S8, the price is insane and quite frankly outrageous. BlackBerry is not only delivering a nostalgic phone, but also nostalgic prices with the $199 on a 2-year contract price.