EB Games Canada launches minimum $10 trade-in value deal on all PS4 and Xbox One games

EB Games

In a move that’s surely set to result in an increase of bad video games being traded in at locations across the country, EB Games Canada has launched a new deal where every PS4 and Xbox One game is now worth a minimum of $10 value.

While this deal may at first sound dismal, keep in mind that some sports titles are only worth a few dollars each. Games that typically would only net you $1 or $2 now have a value of $10 each. This means that a few old copies of games like NHL 2014, Deadpool and Knack, could quickly get you enough money to pick up that Switch you’ve been eyeing (as long as you’re able to hunt down a location with Nintendo’s new console in stock).


The retailer also emphasized in a subsequent tweet that this minimum $10 deal is “not a limited time offer.”

EB Games also recently launched a trade-in deal that doubles the trade-in value of five $10 games to $20, as long as the money is going towards a Nintendo Switch console or games.

If you’re looking to hunt down low trade-in value games worth dumping at your local EB Games for $10 each, tivs.ca is a great place to look up pricing. EB is also offering 50 percent extra credit towards phones sold through Freedom Mobile, though also mentions that this deal is only located at participating stores.