Google’s new Pixel smartphones are codenamed ‘Muskie’ and ‘Walleye,’ according to Android Police


  • Rev0lver

    “Over the past several years, Google has typically codenamed Pixel and Nexus devices after saltwater fish. For instance, the Nexus 6P and 5X were codenamed Angler and Bullhead, respectively.”

    Bullheads are freshwater catfish…

    • p_lindsay

      Brown Bullheads are the freshwater catfish. There is a Bullhead shark that is definitely a saltwater fish. Not sure what an angler is aside from a human who goes fishing.

    • whosnkn

      Anglerfish have a growth that looks/acts like a lure, hence the name. I believe some of them glow to attract prey.

      But in respect to the new possible codenames, man it makes me miss Ontario fishing.

    • Unorthodox

      Exactly my thought. Buy yay! – Finally some “our” northern fish came to someone’s mind. They should also codename their cheap A phones “sunfish”.

  • Garrett Cooper

    With new devices 6mo out and Pixel’s selling at full price still, there’s no way I’d buy one.