Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 now available for pre-order at Best Buy Canada


  • Shogun

    I use the S2 9.7 inch and think it’s a good tablet although on occasion the Android experience can be choppy. Hoping for a Nougat upgrade soon

  • Andrew English

    I have the S2 9.7 LTE model and love it. But the S3 is night, better chipset and camera, oh and fast charging, but nothing super new that I would dump my S2 LTE. Not to mention the price of the LTE version I am sure won’t be very good.

  • Warren Chang

    This price point for a tablet is just bonkers. As someone who was looking to replace my Nexus 10 it looks like everyone who makes a good tablet is shooting for some premium price point for a device that just doesn’t do as much as a laptop of equal or less value. I’m definitely thinking of going with a Chromebook now

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    That crazy mental expensive. I love my original Tab S but $900 with tax is insane.

    Will definitely be looking elsewhere for a replacement also.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Just keep using the Tab S. Zero need to upgrade. Tablet technology is basically at a standstill, or minor incrementalism at best but with exploding upward prices.

  • MrQ

    Lenovo’s new Tab 4 8 Plus and 10 Plus are much better options if you need Android tablets
    Hopefully they make it to Canada

  • Can’t Fix Stupid

    And then analysts wonder why tablet sales are falling off a cliff. Unless you are completely addicted to upgrading the tablets from 2 years ago are perfectly fine for everything you need a tablet to do.

    • Limeybastard

      I think you have a good point here. There must be a valid business point of view as to why they dont implement features similar to their higher end mobile phone devices. What they are I am not sure.

  • Elky64

    32GB is better than 16 yet still pretty chintzy for that price if you ask me… Yeah I know, Apple does it too ;).

    Kind of moved away from Samsung tablets after my Tab Pro 8.4 got left out in the cold without a single update. If I’m spending that kind of money I’ll buy something that has more reassurances of being supported.

  • Bradley Groot

    Do you get the free book cover if you pre-order off Best Buy? Mobile Syrup mentioned in another post you get a free case if you pre-order it.

    • Robert

      No I went to pre order at Staples and also at Best Buy no cases being offered.
      Yest on the Samsung .ca/promotions site they say that they cases come free with the pre orders made by March 23,.
      Check out Apple prices they will be dropping their Ipad prices this week.

  • Max

    Not even a snapdragon 835, no thank you.

  • Samer

    Will the key board go for sale?

  • Robert Cottrell

    I am curious about the case as well. Just sold my S2 and pre-ordered the S3. Samsung usually releases official cases at launch (they did with the S and the S2). Personally i feel this is a pretty big update over the S2, included S-Pen, USB-C, fast charging, more ram, faster cpu/gpu, bigger battery, hdr ready screen, NFC, and the new keyboard runs via pogo pins instead of needing bluetooth and separate charging., and of course android 7 which still hasn’t dropped for the S2. Really the only negative is the price, if you back out $100 for the s-pen it is still $150 over the S2. I already ordered a cheap pos case from amazon but a stock case would be nice. No locking pins on the back of the S3 so presumably it will be similar to the S case which did not have a magnetic closure…

  • Kevin Hanlon

    Why cant we purchase the S3 with LTE in Canada? I was told its coming but nobody seems to know when?