Xplornet to launch LTE network in Manitoba, says ‘new competition is coming’


  • Bthirnhf

    It should be noted that Xplornet is a rural fixed wireless provider, providing home internet service, not cellular wireless service.

    • Brad Fortin

      Until now, anyway.

    • heynow00

      Apple was just a computer company at one time.

  • specialk2000

    Must be nice to get low mid and high spectrum all at once. If only Freedom had all those frequencies.

    • I wonder if Xplornet owns any spectrum in any of the other provinces. If they do, Shaw should sweep in and buy them out. Ensure the current satellite customers are priority for getting a cell site in the current location to ensure continuity of service during the transition.

      Et voila, real competition.

    • specialk2000

      I think they do, not sure where or what frequencies they have. That would be awesome.

  • xtess3ractx

    It’d be a lot nicer if freedom got this spectrum

  • Squishy

    Perhaps this will help resolved their absolute horrible service. They overload all their towers causing all customers to get 1mbps speeds they are lucky. Do yourself a favor if you’re in Essex County, call Wave Direct. Much better service and their customer service is pretty awesome.

    • Even if their service is dog poo, it’s still an “alternative” the Big 3 has to price against. As they’ve done with WIND / Freedom Mobile in other parts of the country with their flanker brands.

    • Squishy

      They are just as bad as the Big 3. They only service rural areas where you can’t get cable or DSL. Your options are Dial-up or them. So they charge you and arm, leg, and your first born for the service and it’s not even reliable.

  • umnikke8

    The link to Bell’s statement is wrong.

  • So the $48 Manitoba plan may not be gone immediately!

    • Victor Creed

      No, safe for 12 months. No more.

  • Bell’s token “Look! We are not total colluding scumbags!” gesture to the residients of Manitoba…

    • It’s Me

      The funny part is that the Competition Bureau acknowledged that
      A) a strong independent regional carrier leads to lower prices for consumers
      B) The big 3 work together (just short of calling it collusion) to keep prices high elsewhere.

      Yet, in spite of that MTS was the strong 4th player that led to lower prices for MB, they approved killing MTS anyway and then toss out the hope that Xplornet will eventually fill the needed roll of strong 4th player. That just seems so assbackwards. “A 4th strong player is needed and works to keep prices down because the big 3 collude, so let’s kill the existing 4th player because some tiny other company might someday be the 4th player but maybe not”..to paraphrase.

      “as a result of coordinated behaviour among Bell, TELUS and Rogers, mobile wireless prices in Canada are higher in regions where Bell, TELUS and Rogers do not face competition from a strong regional competitor. Conversely, the Bureau concluded that where Bell, TELUS and Rogers face competition from a strong regional competitor, prices are substantially lower. The Bureau concluded that the lower prices are caused by the presence of a strong regional competitor who can disrupt the effects of coordination among Bell, TELUS and Rogers.”

    • Victor Creed

      Never happen. Never see MS say anything negative about the Big or report anything negative. Gotta keep those free handset give aways going!

      Priorities > real reporting

    • Zach Gilbert

      Thanks for sharing that. Passing it along.