TTC Wi-Fi coverage expanding past platforms and into subway tunnels in 2018


  • Shogun

    This is good news but really the TTC’s problems go way beyond access to WiFi while riding the Rocket.

    • vn33

      I agree! I try to avoid using the TTC as much as possible … sullen employees, constant delays, overcrowded trains & bus/streetcars. Unfortunately, many of the riders have no choice for their daily commute.

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      They should refrain using the words ” red rocket” cause this is going to be the slowest rocket I’ve ever seen.

  • With Voice over WiFi being offered with more carriers, this is not a good thing.

    Thank god I don’t take the subway, otherwise I’d have to sit there and listen to people blab away the entire trip.

  • elevtechlift

    TransLink, please figure out a way to expand WiFi coverage beyond the SeaBus. Perhaps start introducing WiFi hotspots in all SkyTrain stations then gradually expand to SkyTrain cars.