NFL backs Bell, asks CRTC to keep Super Bowl ads Canadian


  • LeTricolore

    This makes sense to me.

    Anyone who wants to watch the ads will be able to do so on Youtube after (or in some cases before) the game anyway.

    I’m just excited to watch my Jets win the SuperBowl (lololololol)

    • Rev0lver

      For a lot of people the ads and the halftime show are the only things they watch for. Waiting to watch the ads after the game would ruin some of the experience for them.

      I agree that it should be more about the game, but in reality it isn’t for a lot of people.

  • Rev0lver

    “The NFL has sent a letter to Canada’s ambassador to the United States promoting the use of Canadian ads during the Super Bowl.”

    Yeah because TV ads should be the concern of international diplomats…talk about a waste of time.

  • Not for you

    Well of course they would – they want to be able to sell the Canadian rights at a higher price.

    • Rohan Hossain Siam

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    • Rev0lver

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  • Bob Loblaw

    Anyone who supports Bell is scumbag. No surprise the NFL’s in cahoots with them. The no fun league loves to ban players for marijuana use but they let wife beaters and murderers roam free.

  • Sweet

    Good. Assuming Bell had to pay for the right to broadcast the Super Bowl, they should be allowed to make some of that money back. They’re a for-profit business, not a charity nor an NPO.

    • levoila

      Tell Bell which ads they must show and which ones they can’t will just give them a free pass to increase prices. Just see what happened with TV and cell services when the government made new laws.
      Also, if Dish network isn’t operating in Canada, why would they pay for Canadian ads?
      And if Coca-Cola knows Bell must show their ads, they’ll make sure to pay as little as possible because Coca-Cola is a for profit company as well and their goal is to pay less and make more

  • Gordon T

    Canadians need to wake up. Listen most cable lineups in Canada come with the Canadian channels (CTV, City, CBC & Global) and the US channels (NBC, ABC, CBS & Fox).

    Bell is not being told they can’t sell ads on the channel they own and operate (CTV) they just can’t sell ads on the one US network for only one program once a year.

    Isn’t it about time that we as Canadians have a choice? Remember when Bell broadcasts the Superbowl they don’t add anything of value to the broadcast.
    There is no commentary by Canadian sports broadcasters, there are no ‘Canadian’ stories. This is not a Canadian event.

    No one asked Bell to buy the rights for Canada.
    Bell knew full well that the US ads are part of the spectacle and once again are now complaining using ‘CanCon’ laws as a backdrop for something that has nothing to do with Canadian content.

    Bell knows most people won’t choose to watch the Canadian commercial feed over the US one and now want to whine about not being able to piggyback off of someone else’s content.

    Bell also owns TSN and the rights to the Grey Cup and yet they don’t broadcast that on their CTV local channel allowing maximum viewage.

    It’s time to let Bell and Rogers compete on a global scale.

  • pvanb

    I wonder how much Bell paid to have their letter sent on NFL letterhead.

  • Andrew Robson

    People try so hard to find streaming options for their content because they don’t want to watch advertisements. Now the same people are complaining because they WANT to watch ads. Classic.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    The CRTC is out of touch with Canadians
    IMO the CRTC needs to be abolished
    This would allow More competition in the Cellphone TV and internet markets
    Pushing Prices down

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